Design, Print, Video & Social


Postcards are a great way to advertise a listing, a recent sale or a buyer need. We have many styles available and they are all custom designed with your branding. We offer direct mail services for distribution of over 200.


Custom designed flyers for open houses, and listings. Multiple styles are available including loan options for payment review.


Need a team brochure made? We have an option for you. These fold up to be able to share information on several pages.

Door Hangers

Get face to face with potential clients with these full color door hangers. These are created custom for  you with your information and branding.

High End Flyer

Create a lasting impression with your seller and potential buyers with these larger versions of the listing flyer.

Home Buyer's Checklist

Looking for something more than a business card to give your clients looking to buy? This option will allow them to make notes, and check off those important “Must haves” in their home wish list. Branded with your information, this is a great tool to give clients during their home search. These are great for open houses!

Graphic Design Only

We do the graphics and you have them printed. Please email us to find out more about the other graphic services available.

The services that we offer in the “Graphic Design” area could incur an extra fee for outsourcing the printing

Photography & Video Studio

Video production for Real Estate agents. Show your personality and professionalism through a video you can share with the public, get out on social media, and post to your social media sites.

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The AFI “Treat Suite”

The Augusta Financial “Treat Suite” is a great way to connect with people. You could spend thousands of dollars on media and other marketing strategies. But does it really work? With the Augusta Financial “Treat Suite” you can meet people face-to-face at a convenient time and place for them. Who doesn’t like Ice Cream? Connect with people, share some ice cream and talk about real estate. It is your mobile solution to making new relationships.

Creative Marketing Solutions is proud to have done the graphics for The Augusta Financial “Treat Suite”. If you will be using the “Treat Suite” please let us know.  We can help you make flyers, videos, and more for you to use while you are out with the “Treat Suite”.

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